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Leader's speech

2014 is a year full of opportunities and challenges, but also the worst time. Our country foreign policy and the situation to create the best environment for us, rapid and healthy development of national economy, provide a good condition for us to expand the market; the state will further improve the macroeconomic environment, the order of the market economy further improved, but also conducive to our use of domestic and international two kinds of resource, to develop the international market; oasis company a number of new production capacity and technological achievements will be transferred to the production, institutional reform will further play a role in promoting the efficiency, improve the competitiveness.
In the face of challenges and opportunities and the complex market situation, we will adhere to the market oriented, taking economic benefits as the center, in the competition and development. To promote structural adjustment, realize the upgrading of industrial structure; continuously improve product quality, increase the variety, vigorously develop new markets, expand sales, to ensure product production and sales and consumption growth; improve the technical and economic level, standardize the cost management, the cost of compression, achieve the goal of lowering the efficiency; to develop science and technology, to provide support for the implementation of production and operation; "going out" strategy, efforts to expand the share in domestic and international markets; continue to promote labor personnel and distribution system reform, the control of total employment, reduce labor costs, to continue to improve the stability and the mechanism of attracting talents and appraisal system; to fund financial management as the center, strengthen the enterprise management; to promote enterprise informatization construction ERP, speeding up the implementation of the plan, and strive to achieve the profit maximization.
Oasis company to develop, to move forward. We attach importance to science, talents, advanced equipment, advanced production technology, advanced management ideas and methods. We advocate a pragmatic, innovative, and called on all staff to redouble their efforts to accelerate the pace of development. We are in good faith, friendship four words as the criterion, make friends, hope to cooperate with the friends together.
Finally, on behalf of the board of directors of the company to all employees to express my heartfelt thanks to the support of our friends!

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