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Join conditions

(I) Strong environmental awareness
The service provided by OASIS Laundry Chain embodies the green principle, which is also the cause that OASIS Laundry can be recognized by extensive consumers. Therefore, the franchisees must have strong environmental awareness and provide the best green service, so as to embody the attention of OASIS Laundry to the consumers' health and environmental problem.
(II) Tough will and tenacious willpower
Probably, some investors think that, they will not worry about the business by virtue of signboard protection of headquarters after joining the franchise system, so they need not to struggle hard. In fact, this idea is very wrong. If one person wants the venture success, the spirit of struggling is necessary, it is only easier to start by operating the franchised outlet, and as for the final success, the key is to depend on the efforts of investors. From the experiences of many winners participating in the franchising, we can learn that, we can taste the sweet of success only by having the vigor of still further stepping forward for more difficulties and fortitudinous willpower, trodding down many difficulties and frustration, and never giving up in case of not achieving the purpose to work hard.
(III) Modern service awareness and skill
Product tends to the homogenization, and the pursuit of service quality becomes the important factor that the consumers consider when selecting the consuming place. For the franchisees engaged in the service industry, good service awareness is even one of indispensable conditions for success. The high quality not only can bring the considerable income to the investors, but also can strengthen the connotation of licensed brand, which is also valued by the headquarters when investigating the franchisees.
(IV) Excellent ability to communicate
The franchising business, which is the same as that of other industries, must attach importance to the various upstream, downstream and horizontal relationships involved by the business, and is able to feed back and convey the information between the headquarters and customers and clients effectively and correctly. The franchisees will certainly get more support from headquarters in case of cooperating with the headquarters to complete the work of developing the business and carefully executing the operation standard of headquarters according to the reasonable requirement of headquarters; and similarly, the franchisees will certainly win the market and obtain the satisfactory income in case of handling the relationship with the customers well, meeting the customer requirement and solving their doubt. All of those can be obtained by virtue of good communication.
(V) Urgent desire to learn
After all, the franchise refers to teaching the complete operation mode of chain to others and normalizing the same. The headquarters firstly teaches the franchisees how to manage the shop, and the franchisees must repeatedly practice the course that they learn when serving the customers, therefore, it is very important for the franchisees to have urgent desire to learn. In the meanwhile, the certain level of education is also necessary, which is the base of franchisees to continue learning.
(VI) Awareness of "unconditional" conformance
In the franchise system, the franchisees must have enough confidence and full trust for the method created by the headquarters, and believe that the instructions of the headquarters are made through full consideration, and are beneficial to the whole management system. Therefore, the franchisees must be able to let their opinions and wish be subject to headquarters. For those sticking to individual idea and unwilling to abandon the "my method and shortcut" and accept the suggestion and command, it is not a good choice for them to be franchisees. A franchised outlet which is too much "personality" will damage the image of whole franchise system and brand reputation.
(VII) Cooperative spirit
The big reason for the success of franchising is that the franchisor has a correct business policy and an effective operation rule, and can prompt all investors to stick to the policy and rule of the Group, so that the image of the whole Group is distinctive and penetrated into the consumers. In order to guarantee this point, a successful franchisor must strictly select the franchisees, and the franchisees also have full understanding about themselves and reflect whether they are suitable for cooperating with the people. Therefore, by virtue of cooperative spirit of franchisees, the communication of both parties will be smooth, and the estrangement can be avoided endangering the cooperation prospect and interest of both parties.
Policy support
Brand support: The brand is a business process of creating, storing, recreating and restoring, and the uniform CI image is necessary to realize this process. Jinan OASIS carries out the design of consistent style on franchised outlets across the country, and declares the consistent promise and an excellent laundry brand to customers by virtue of uniform service image, so that the customers can give the sufficient trust to good brand image, standard management, excellent service and futuramic shop, and recognize our laundry service.
Service support: The professional after-sales service system adheres to the efficient after-sales service policy, and used for timely solving the technical difficulties of franchisees and equipment troubleshooting and annual inspection problems, thus, providing the convenient and efficient star-level service for the franchisees.
Management support: The Company has sent the market management personnel to provide the uniform guidance for the franchised outlets on service, price, product, health, quality and others since the date of opening the franchised outlets, so as to specify your operation management, start from the base, specify you how to receive and dispatch the clothing, write up bills and all other detail-to-overall operation, thus building the brand image of "OASIS Laundry".
Technical support: Our senior professional washing personnel carry out the free training on the franchisees, carry out the assessment of professional skill regularly, and continuously upgrade the training.
Business support: Carefully analyze the market environment, consumption level, regional characteristics and all other business-related factors of the location of franchised outlets. Determine the operation mode of franchised outlets, provide the correct and effective marketing strategy, and ensure the rich profit of joining customers.

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