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Policy support

Brand support: a brand is a creation, storage, creation and storage business process, this process must have a unified image of CI. Ji'nan oasis of stores across the country are consistent design style, with a unified service image on the declaration of commitment, customer consistent from beginning to end a good washing brand, can make the customer of good brand image, standardized management, excellent service, design new store to give full trust and recognition of our laundry service.
Support services: professional customer service service system, adhering to the efficient customer service policies, to solve technical problems and the equipment maintenance and inspection of the franchisee, the franchisee to provide convenient and quick service star.
Management support: from the store opened on the day of the company sent market management personnel to provide uniform guidance for the franchise service, price, product quality, health, etc.. Specification for your management, starting from the basic specification, how do you receive clothes, open documents every detail to the overall operation, establish the "oasis laundry" brand image.
Technical support: our company has experienced professional washing farming are free to join the training of professional skills, and regular assessment, upgrading training.
Business support: careful analysis of each store location of the market environment, consumption level, regional characteristics and all operation related factors. To determine the franchise mode of operation, to provide correct and effective marketing strategy, to ensure that the rich profit join customer.

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