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  • Name: XGF-Q-Z suction blast ironing table
  • NO.: 7004


Device Features:

1, the structure of the convergence of advanced technology and manufacturing technology, set suction blast ironing, scouring function in one of the advanced multi-functional ironing platform for all kinds of high-end clothing ironing, making ironing quality improved significantly, and effectively prevent the clothes surface aurora.
2, equipped with hot and cold spotting gun and a stainless steel scouring countertops, during ironing, may at any time scouring process, improve efficiency, and convenient.
3, comes with automatic steam generator, no external steam, gas production fast, the provincial electricity, safe and practical.
4, tops, high-quality aluminum processing, corrosion resistance, effectively improve the quality of life and ironing equipment. Parking separator apparatus can be effectively separated from excess water vapor, to improve the quality of ironing. XGF-Q-X multi-functional advanced suction blast ironing board, but with a unique table heating device, can meet all kinds of high-end clothing ideal ironing temperature choice.
5. The operator height table and work practices to achieve free lift adjustment and double-sided, user-friendly design, so you want it.
6, imported sponge, crisp and good ventilation.
7, suction blast converted freely, handy to use, high-end clothing is the ideal multi ironing ironing equipment. Strong suction blast volume, low noise.
8, luxury fashion design, manufacture exquisite, economical and practical, superior performance, it is the ideal alternative imports of similar equipment.
9, comes with lighting facilities and ironing steam line sliding device, convenient and flexible, lightweight and extremely easy to use.
10, optional Italian imported iron, electric steam dual-use, reasonable price, cost-optimal multi-functional luxury ironing board.

Features / Model




Scouring function

Yes, scouring with arm and two spotting guns

There, with a rocker and a scouring scouring gun


Lifting table



Can not

Operation method

Duplex operation

Simplex operation

Simplex operation


They can bring their own steam

They can bring their own steam

External steam

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